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Loose Cannons On The Run & Loose Joints November 3rd | @IaYV Production


Today November 3rd at 10pm out of Revolution Cycles, 3444 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL ‘Loose Cannons On The Run’ will be taking off. (Remember this is an independent race. You race at your own risk.) The race will finish at Mamushkas 31 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL. Good luck!
Loose Joints with music by MR. Brown and Snakehole Live…

Another IAMYOURVILLAIN production.

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THE BEAUTIFUL VILLAINS 4-28-11-the-word-in-town

Did you miss the last one? Well don’t miss this one. The BEAUTIFUL VILLAINS brings you another night of Music, Fashion and Skating. Word!

Fashion : Lorie Lester

Music: Jacuzzi Boys & DJ Hattian HIllbilly

Skate: BUM RUSH THE SPOT MINI Ramp Contest

Starting at 10 pm till…


170 NW 38th Street

Miami, Design District

MS Cheezious food truck will stop by

An IAM YOUR VILLAIN production.



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Recap: The Beautiful Villain x Bum Rush The Spot/ Miami, FL

I can’t believe it happened but it did. A perfect blend of Villains and Beautiful Villains all in one place. Yes, I’m making reference to what I found last nigh when I visited THE STAGE. A new lounge bar in the design district. The place has a great vibe.

Last night IAM YOUR VILLAIN productions did: THE BEAUTIFUL VILLAIN and Launch Party for FOX HOUSE clothing. The party also incorporated the “BUM RUSH THE SPOT” contest. It turn in to be one of the best parties I’ve gone to in a long time.

BUM RUSH THE SPOT was going on in the patio. Some of the best skaters in Miami were out there ripping that mini ramp. At exactly 11:30 Fox House did their fashion show. It was short and sweet. Everyone loved their clothes. Then it was back to the band and the skate contest. A little later the Montaco Food Truck showed up… I found my self having all my favorite things in one place: Skating, Good Food and a cool stylish crowd… Not to mention the music was dope. Miami needed a place like this. Werd!

Craze, Klever, Kill The Noise x MIA Skate Shop x ALIFE x SLR x IAYV

Saturday MIA Skate Shop was the host of the Slow Roast Records Tour stop here in Miami. World renowned  DJ’s Craze and Klever killed it. I knew there was going to be some serious music making going down when I saw the GOLD TURN TABLES brought out. By the way the ALIFE crew was on hand giving away goodies. All in all it was another great in store event. Werd!

Images via yours truly & IAYV after the click:

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