Here is a little history on BOY LONDON:
BOY LONDON was founded by Stephane Raynor by in 1977. Boy has been worn by all, from Warhol, Madonna, Punk Rockers, club kids and fashionistas. This has been a uniform adopted by many movements. Now back again…

I also included some images of their latest collaboration with LONG. This are not pieces you’ll find everywhere. I feel this are worth looking for do to their limited production and quality. I found some pieces at APT 606.

The rich history of the brand inevitably reads like a ‘who’s who’ of fashion and music. Prior to conceiving BOY, Stephane had been selling 50s clothing to Malcom Mclaren at his shop ‘Let it Rock’ before opening the legendary style outlet ‘Acme Attractions’ – which counted punk DJ and film maker Don Letts, and ex Pil member and current Rough Trade MD Jeanette Lee on its payroll.
It was when he opened the BOY store on the Kings Rd in 1976 that things really began to take shape though. Every day of trading the streets outside the shop would be packed with its elaborately dressed and styled clientele, whilst inside Billy Idol worked the till and Phillip Salon made the tea. BOY was the epicentre of a new dawn in both fashion and music, defining the spirit of punk and birthing the New Romantic scene that appeared in its wake.
Raynor briefly lent his hand to opening another famed store, PX, in 1978, where under his guidance the scene surrounding him and his enterprises (led by Visage’s Steve Strange and DJ Rusty Egan) came to be known as the infamous ‘Blitz Kids’ (the original club kids), before returning his full focus to BOY LONDON in 1980.**