Get Familiar: SANTLOV Instagram King (Photos)



Instagram has worked as a platform for many to show their talents to the world. It provides instant approval or disapproval for whatever you post. Santlov has been fully embraced by a worldwide Instagram community. Do you know Santlov? Did you know that in a relatively short time, he has built a loyal following of over 245,000?

Yes, he has done it from right here, Miami. Get Familiar with Santlov.

Santlov, introduce your self:
My name is Santlov. I’m from Miami, not burn but raised an artist trying to push this toy frontier into the world!

Why toys?
I love them! Toys are something we all grew up with. They are something we can all connect with. Toys are my paint!

Everything we see on your Instagram you’ve created?
I conceptualize and set up every scene then I uploaded and see it grow…
Right now he is being humble. Most of his post gets thousands of likes… Yep, he is that good!

Is Instagram your main exposure platform at this time?
Yes, most of my work goes directly to Instagram @Santlov. I also use my and twitter as well @Santlov. All my handles are Santlov. If you google Santlov all my images will come up. I try to put up to 3 a day to keep it fresh and moving.

What is your main goal with this amazing work?
I want my prints to be out there in the world. I will become a household name. I want to put a smile on peoples face through my work… I want them to laugh when they look at my images… Forget about everything else they may have going on and just have a good laugh.

This has been a labor of love so if I can make people smile through my work that will give me a sense of satisfaction… Positive vibrations, adding something positive to the world.

Stay tuned for details about SANTLOV’s show during Art Basel 2012 coming next month.