Get Familiar: The Minagorri Sisters


Get Familiar: The Minagorri Sisters

I recently met up with these three fashionable sisters Monica, Michelle and Marianne Minagorri at Mina Boutique-Miami Beach. We got to talk about their love for fashion, there individual styles and what Mina Boutique is all about.

WIF: How was it growing up so close in age, being such fashionable sisters with such different styles?

Mina Sisters: Fun, we definitely went through each other’s closets, a lot of fighting for clothes but we definitely have different styles. Mari was always the sporty but also very classic one of the three. The three of us are all so different from our bodies to our hair. We definitely all found our own style. Michelle was always a little bit more glam and Monica is more of the Audrey Hepburn type. We really got into fashion as we where growing up as well as arts, shows and modeling classes. Being around a lot of girls and each others friends while dressing up together it just evolved from there.

WIF: Being into fashion, who or what designers are you influenced by?

Michelle: I love Missoni I like the pattern and I am also feeling Marni I like the lines and cuts because it’s a little edgier. I see Monica and Mari more influenced by Coco Chanel. Who influences me is always changing and it’s from everywhere depending on the season.

Monica: Coco Channel has always been a very big influence for me. I also love the Alexander Mc Queen colors and the Valentino Red.

Mari: Sounds Good. Something about Mina and what we do is support the locals designers and what they bring to us. We like to mix the local designers with different designers that are hot.

WIF: Where do you see the Miami fashion scene evolving too now that it is picking up steam with all the local designers, bloggers and events taking place?

Monica: I think that is important for Miami because we have so much culture here and the women are beautiful. With the bloggers involved it’s really picking up.

Michelle: Miami has always been a beautiful place. People always come down to go to the beaches, shopping and to enjoy the nightlife scene. There is a lot of culture in Miami, and we are starting to see areas like Midtown, Design District and Brickell take off with high end designer boutiques, art galleries and stores. I’m excited to see how the fashion and art scene will evolve in Miami in the next few years.

Monica: I think our generation really has it, all our friends are now fashion designers or stylist out of New York and Miami really needed that.

Michelle: They are all going but bringing it back home. We all have studied here so it’s nice to see everyone bring it back to Miami. We have a friend who is an amazing stylist that left and is a great example of someone who brings it back home and that’s cool to see. We are starting to see a lot of movement now with a lot of new designers. We are now carrying designers from Hawaii, India, Columbia.

Monica: It used to be us going out to look for the designers and now they are coming to us and knocking on the door and calling us, any way they can reach us which is nice.

Michelle: The majority of the stuff we carry we try and keep it at a good price. We want to offer unique pieces and of high quality and so far we have been able to do it.

Monica: I think the fact that we are all so different as well is also important. I think any woman can relate to at least one of our styles.

WIF: I think people today as shoppers are also looking for the experience and feeling good about shopping somewhere where they will be treated well. Have you been noticing that as well?

Marianne: That’s our biggest thing. When the girls come here we want to get to know you. I see what you like and if we don’t have it at the store we will go out and find it for you. We also go to your house and do free home deliveries. We have clients that come in and we set up a time to come in with their kids while she sips on wine and tries on clothes. We want our clients to feel comfortable.


WIF: What is the future plans for MINA?

Marianne: We are thinking of expanding the store, we want to get mini mina’s and even Mina for men.

Michelle: We definitely want to expand and open new locations. We are just trying to figure out what our approach will be. WE would love to go international because of the real estate side of both Monica & I we have clients from all over Europe and Latin America. It’s funny because they will spend there morning at Bal Harbour then come to our store afterwards and spend the afternoon shopping with Mari. They love it because we have made friends with them.

WIF: How do you ladies choose your Mina Mavens?

Mina Sisters: Marianne: Michelle is the one that came up with the idea.
Monica: What we do is once a month I get my sisters on a call. What we look for is a girl that other girls will look up too. A good role model, someone that stands out in the community. Weather she is a teacher, a journalist, to the famous actress. Whatever it is she does as long as she is very good at and sets a good example. My sisters and I sit down and then we choose her. Michelle: We just come across these amazing girls that we end up becoming friends with and then the more we get to know them we think of how they can be a maven. We actually had a contest once and had an overwhelming response.
Monica: It’s real fun because it’s like we get our own Barbie doll. We get to dress them up and do hair & make up for the shoot.

I had a great time chatting with the Mina girls. Definitely go check out there boutique. It’s a great place to shop for any fashionista. You never know if you too can be a Mina Maven.

Mina Miami Beach Boutique
(305) 397-8650
960 Normandy Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33141