Fashion Bloggers Night Out at Nieman Marcus Village of Merrick Park, Coral Gables


In a hurry and armed with only my iPhone 4, I decided to go meet May May, Karla Garcia and Annie Vazquez for Fashion Bloggers Night out. The event took place at the swanky Village at Merrick Park inside Nieman Marcus.

It was a full house with lady duo S&M on the turn tables, Perrier, Rum Zafra, Zero Calorie Cupcakes, Paulinas Pop and of course wine. The panelist discussed many things about blogging but the must important part of the discusion was the call for action. What do I mean by that? Well, the reality. If you want a start a blog just do it! Like Nike says.

Just get started. Be your self speak about things you like and things will fall into place. The only way to start, is to start. That point was well express. Karla Garcia, Annie Vazquez, Lopez Jenny Lopez, The Wordy Girl and Electric Blogarella all did a great job. Don’t miss the next one.

Enjoy my iPhone 4 images:



Sean Drake & Michelle Leshem


May May & Jose Romero


Deej’s ESS & EMM Sasha Lauzon & Michelle Leshem



Mayleen Gonzalez & Priscilla Jade


Jose Romero & Annie Vazquez


Karla Garcia & Mayleen Gonzalez Photo Booth Fun Fashion Bloggers Night Out