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Killer Mike

Simon’s Sportswear played host to MTV’s MADE this past Friday. MADE** a show which strongly encourages young adults to go for their dreams picked Rafael from Miami Beach High as one of the stories for next season. For this episode Rafael who’s 17 years old wants to become a rapper. MTV got help from Grammy Award winner Killer Mike to make him into a legit rapper in 4 weeks.

Killer Mike has a new album out called: PL3DGE you can get it now everywhere. In case you were wondering he’s NICE on the mike! Word!

**Why stand on the sidelines watching others live your dream? Are you too shy or think you’re not “cool” enough to get in on the action? Or do you simply lack the self-confidence and motivation? Well, maybe it’s time to stand up and get MADE!
If they really want to be all they can be, then it’s time for them to suck it up and get MADE!**





Rafael & Killer Mike


Stephanie helping Rafael get Fresh!


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