Realtree x Nike Sb Dunk Mid and Nike SB Dunk Low Forbes Hunter

When the Realtree Dunk Mid photos first came out there was some critics saying that the shoes were just like the Hunter Dunk Low. After taking a closer look the only similarities these shoes have is that they are made by Nike SB. Other than that they are night and day.

To start with the Hunter:  Design by Reese Forbes (He recently stopped skating for Nike. Now skates for Quicksilver.) The shoe became the hunter because of the orange. (The color used on hunting vest.) Then they used camouflage and burlap material which is similar to the Hemp SB.

Realtree Mid: Besides the obvious shade difference on the Orange lower sole. The camouflage was made by Bill Jordan’s Designs. Jordan’s designs are well respected on the hunting community. In other words they are the real deal when it comes to outdoors camouflage prints… (It’s a ready to hunt sneaker). Also the swoosh material is leather instead of premium canvas.

To me the 1st one will always be the best one. Can’t wait to see how people rock these… Werd!

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