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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim Week Miami 2010 has come and gone so what better time to get familiar with Kristina Ashley.  Kristina is a Miami native, fashionista, entrepreneur and yes the next big thing. She completed her studies at Miami International University of Art and Design. While she interned with Julian Chang renowned evening gown designer, she knew that she was meant to design swimwear. Living in a city where the sun is always shining, Kristina has designed unique pieces that will make you stand out. I got the chance to see her latest collection during swim week and it’s very girlie and vivid in colors. Here is a little more on her.

Photography by Karla Garcia as seen on BESCENE -July Issue

MM: How did Kristina Ashley get started? KA: After graduating Design school in 2005 I decided to do fashion shows for fun with collections of swimwear. I realized I was pretty good at it and made it my business.

MM: Prior to the swimwear, had you ever done any other kind of design work? KA:I originally went to design school with my mind set on being a evening gown designer.

MM: What’s a typical workday like for you? KA: NO SLEEP. I have a full time job aside from my business so after a regular work day I come home and start out a new day at 6pm for my business, lol.

MM: Would you rather wear a bikini or one piece? KA: Bikini.

MM: From all of your collections do you have a favorite? KA: Each new collection is usually my favorite, lol. I fall in love again every time.

MM: In all of your collections is there a signature that has remained consistent with your swimsuits? KA: My signature Bows . I love bows and incorporating them into my designs. I even have a tattoo of my own drawing of my bow.

MM: What does the rest of the year look like for you now that Swim Week 2010 has ended in Miami? KA: Work work work, hustle hustle hustle. Im going to start creating my 2011 collection soon.

MM: Are you planning to expand your line with cover-ups and dresses? KA: Absolutely, cant wait !

MM: Where can Kristina Ashley Swimwear be purchased? KA: Moon drops in Miami lakes and on the website

I am all about supporting our local designers so If you don’t have one of her suites yet I am sure you will sooner than later.

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